Primary Survey Level 1
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Primary Survey Level 1

Welcome to the module “Primary Survey Level 1”, the third module on your path to mastering “Wilderness First Aid – Foundation level”.

What is the module about?

This module focuses on mastering the S-ABCDE protocol and the essentials of conducting a primary patient assessment. You’ll delve into the S-ABCDE mnemonic, which systematically guides you through the critical steps of assessing and managing a patient’s immediate needs, including Scene Safety, Airway & C-spine control, Breathing, Circulation & Bleeding control, Disability assessment, and considerations for Exposure, Environmental factors, and Evacuation. This foundational knowledge is crucial for efficient and effective emergency care.

Why is it important?

In medical emergencies, it’s vital to know which conditions are the most urgent, as some might not look serious but need immediate care. The S-ABCDE method is designed to help you stay calm and make quick, smart decisions in these intense situations. It guides you on what to do first, ensuring you can help patients effectively when every second counts.

This is the third module in the course “Wilderness First Aid – foundation level”.