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Wilderness First Aid: Foundation-level

The Wilderness First Aid (WFA) foundation-level course offers an essential foundation for adventurers, educators, and anyone spending time in remote areas away from immediate healthcare facilities. This course not only prepares you for emergencies in the wilderness but also sets the stage for advanced learning in wilderness medicine. You’ll learn to discern when a situation is safe and when it’s critical to worry.

Who This Course Is For

Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts, professional guides, and anyone who wishes to be prepared for the unforeseen, our foundation-level course ensures you’re well-equipped to handle emergencies with confidence and knowledge.

Course Modules:

1. Introduction to Wilderness Medicine

A comprehensive overview of wilderness medicine, emphasizing your role as a first responder.

2. Patient Assessment

Techniques for assessing vital signs and determining the severity of injuries or illnesses

3. Primary Survey Level 1

Learn the structured S-ABCDE approach for assessing critically ill patients.

4. Basic Wound Management

Handling common wounds and their treatments in wilderness settings.

Each module features engaging lectures accompanied by quizzes to consolidate your learning. While quizzes are not mandatory, they are instrumental in reinforcing key concepts. To advance through the course, you’ll need to complete each module’s exam, culminating in a final exam that encompasses all modules.

Learning Path and Certification:

Progress through the course is sequential, with each module building on the last. Completion of material or passing quizzes unlocks the next module.- Earning a module or course certificate requires passing the respective exams, with unlimited attempts permitted.

Advancing Your Skills:

Successful completion of the WFA course unlocks advanced courses on Hot Environments, Cold Environments, and Wilderness Emergencies.- Earn points by completing different course components. These points can be utilized as discounts on future courses or for purchasing exclusive merchandise, enriching your learning journey and rewarding your dedication.

Join Our Community:

This course is more than a learning experience; it’s an investment in your safety and the safety of others while exploring the great outdoors. By completing the Wilderness First Aid foundation course, you’re taking an important step toward becoming a proficient wilderness first responder, ready to confidently face outdoor challenges

Dive back into your studies where you left off, expanding your knowledge and skills to prepare for any challenge the wilderness might present. Keep pushing forward, your adventure in learning continues.

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